Kitchen Hours
3pm - 9pm Daily

Food  |  Bar

Air Fry Tots                  8
served with ketchup add house-made queso for $1.00
Crown Tots                  9
with black truffle sea salt & parmesan served with lemon garlic aioli and ketchup
Warm Pretzel                  9
with whole grain mustard & house-made queso
Crown Queso & Chips                  9
house-made white queso with pico de gallo

Hot Dogs
Ava Dog           9
all-beef hot dog on an Empire Baking bun with your choice of: +mustard, +ketchup, +diced red onion, +sweet relish, +cheese add house-made queso for $1
Chicago Dog           10
all-beef hot dog on a Empire Baking bun topped with relish, red onion, sliced pickles, sport peppers, tomato, mustard & celery salt

House-made crust | Substitute Gluten Free Cauliflower crust +$2
Three Cheese Pizza          12
san marzano tomato sauce, shredded mozz, fontina and parmesan
Pepperoni Pizza          13
san marzano tomato sauce, shredded mozz and pepperoni
Margherita Pizza      14
san marzano tomato sauce, fresh mozz, tomato, and fresh basil

Food  |  Bar

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